Coming to America

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"I'm glad to tell you that Coming to America is doing very well, once again.
Whenever we play a track, the listeners start phoning. "

- Classic FM South Africa

Ronald W. Anderson
5.0 out of 5 stars Pleasant Music
September 26 | Verified Purchase
This album contains beautiful music well performed and well recorded. Ian Mulder gave a concert locally a couple of weeks ago to debut his new album, which I will also review. Having heard Ian perform live and having spoken with him has made me more than a casual listener. Ian plays the piano AND conducts the orchestra simultaneously. I plan to purchase more of his albums.
Hans Goede
5.0 out of 5 stars Coming to America
July 17 | Verified Purchase
Coming to America, Ian Mulder's latest release, already a best seller in Europe. Coming to America is very meaningful since he has taken up residence in the USA. Recent concerts confirm the fact that he is widely accepted on this side of the ocean. Coming to America is a continuation of the romantic music heard on his previous albums. This one I highly recommend.

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